about jordan

A travelling student of life, who strives to honour mother earth, Jordan’s passion for adventure and cultural discovery is central to her essence. Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Jordan continues to travel beyond borders regularly, while continuing her search for alternative healing modalities. This Reiki Master/Teacher finished her certification training in Kyoto, Japan on Mount Kurama with Master/Teacher Yuko Kubota, after beginning her Reiki training in 2006, under the guidance of Master/Teacher Danuta Snyder in Halifax. Jordan is also a facilitator of Inner Dance, as she has intensively studied this inward trance meditation technique with Pi Villaraza at Bahay Kalipay in Palawan, Philippines. She feels deeply that the Inner Dance meditation method can truly transform your deepest core through the use of music and energy movement. Jordan is currently the only Inner Dance facilitator in Nova Scotia and one of few across Canada. Please contact directly for bookings.




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